In the Intergalactic Hall of Knowledge, history's greatest minds are brought back to life…

Their mission:
To spread humanity's knowledge to every corner in the universe...

Starting with you!

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An unprecedented level of gamification and scaffolding approach for core national curriculum areas.

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Use your senses and mess around with virtual toys to enrich your understanding of the world.

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Let history's greatest heroes be your storytellers and journey with them into subjects that most grown up don't know about.


Human Heroes:
Einstein on Time

Featuring Stephen Fry as Einstein

The first game brings the 20th Century’s most iconic genius back to life, with the voice of Stephen Fry for a journey into the marvels and mysteries of the fourth dimension.

A sock-less, dancing Albert Einstein hosts a show in a futuristic, theatrical setting, guiding his audience to the games where they will read all sorts of clocks, experience the passing of seconds and minutes, and gets first hand experience of Einstein's theories of relativity including the effects of speed and gravity on the passage of time. Einstein also shares stories from his extraordinary life so the young minds will soon become familiar with the legendary figure

The second app brings back to life the most celebrated woman in the history of science for a trip of discovery into the fundamental constituents of the universe.

Discover atoms, states of matter and the mysterious nature of radioactivity all while learning about the incredible achievements of Madame Marie Curie, a human hero with so many 'firsts' that no one else could compete with

Coming soon to all app stores.

Forthcoming apps will explore the legacies of numerous human heroes in different fields from the philosophers of ancient Greece, to the giants of science in addition to renowned artists, composers, mathematicians, authors, architects, and dozens of other influential characters from across the centuries who have shaped the way we live and think today.