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In the Intergalactic Hall of Knowledge, history's greatest minds are brought back to life…

Their mission:
To spread humanity's knowledge to every corner in the universe...

Starting with you!

Human Heroes

Come and take a front seat as Human Heroes take to the stage to perform a captivating live show covering their life story, works, and famous discoveries. From the philosophers of ancient Greece to the giants of science, these renowned artists, musicians, mathematicians, and authors are your tutors and entertainers, imparting knowledge and playing fun games with you.

Play & Learn

Core national curriculum areas gamified to the core

With each Human Hero, we picked a suitable learning topic from the curriculum and turn it into a game. We broke it down to a granular level and applied various scaffolding techniques to increase or decrease difficulty in real-time. When kids are challenged, the hero will come to their assistance with instant verbal and visual aids, ensuring kids of all abilities succeed in finishing the game and master each learning area.

Enrich your knowledge

Expand your horizons with extracurricular activities

All Human Heroes have managed to achieve incredible feats from a very young age because they didn’t restrict themselves to the conventional view of what was intellectually age appropriate. Children are known to be better than grown-ups in learning new languages or riding a bicycle; why not let our heroes teach them about relativity, radioactivity or evolution?

The role-models you deserve

Develop a deep-lasting bond with real heroes.

Our animated 3D characters will share with players stories from their lives, careers and what inspired them to achieve their discoveries. They will expose their human side and explain the necessity of working hard and persevering to lead successful and happy lives. It’s never previously been possible for kids to get up close and personal to these intellectual champions.

A cartoon Albert Einstein with his tongue out wearing a blue suit, yellow-and-blue tie, and brown shoes

Human Heroes:
Einstein on Time

Featuring Stephen Fry as Einstein

In this revolutionary educational experience, children have the opportunity to be taught by the creator of the theory of relativity himself! The most iconic figure in the history of science is brought back to life as an interactive 3D character. A dancing, quirky Albert Einstein will be your very own personal tutor; guiding you through the various games, helping you when you struggle, and telling you jokes. You can even ask him questions about his personal life and his scientific achievements!

In this app, you will learn how to tell the time (a National Curriculum learning area), experience the passage of time and understand the nature of time itself and how it’s affected by speed and gravity.

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Human Heroes:
Curie on Matter

The second app brings back to life the most celebrated woman in the history of science for a trip of discovery into the fundamental constituents of the universe.

Discover atoms, states of matter and the mysterious nature of radioactivity, all while learning about the incredible achievements of Madame Marie Curie, a Human Hero with so many 'firsts' that nobody else can compete with.

With Curie on Matter – you’re in the crowd! Ask questions from the Vault of Wisdom and learn about Curie’s captivating but challenging journey on her path to becoming the pioneering scientist we know her as today.

A cartoon Madam Curie wearing a black dress
A silhouette of 6 unidentifiable males and females from throughout history

Forthcoming apps will explore the legacies of numerous human heroes in different fields of STEM and humanities: Leonardo Da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Mozart, Ada Lovelace, Aristotle, Jane Austen and dozens of other influential characters from throughout the centuries who have shaped the way we live and think today.