Play With History's Greatest Minds!

Human Heroes is a new video game studio creating high-quality and genuinely educational mobile games for children.

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Human Heroes : Einstein on Time

Featuring Stephen Fry as Einstein

This app brings back to life the most iconic figure in the history of science : Albert Einstein!

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Human Heroes: Curie on Matter

Chemistry by Miriam Margolyes

Our latest game brings back to life the most celebrated woman in the history of science for a trip of discovery into the fundamental constituents of the universe.

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Human Heroes : Leonardo Da Vinci


Prossimamente; that’s “Coming soon” in Italian, the native tongue of our next Human Hero: Leonardo da Vinci! Learn about the incredible renaissance artist, inventor, and musician through funmini-games and challenges based on topics and subject areas from the National Curriculum. Stay tuned for more info.

Our Ethos

Play & Learn

Covering topics from the UK National Curriculum.

Enriching Children’s Knowledge

Extracurricular activities go beyond the classroom.

High-Quality Production Value

Stunning visuals, wonderful sounds and fun, accessible gameplay!

Voice actors’ Children Love

Stephen Fry, Miriam Margolyes and more

Education-First Design

Designed with input from education specialists.

Safe Gameplay Environment

No in-app purchases, subscriptions or sign-ups


Don't take our word for it : Hear it from our fans!

Android Police

Mobile Blog

Einstein On Time is an education game perfect for any child that wants to learn how to tell time”

Rebecca Smith

Parent influencer

If you'd like your children to use educational apps then this [Curie on Matter] needs to be on your device”

Stephen Fry

Iconic actor, comedian, writer

[A] rather wonderful educational game

What The Red Head Said

Parent Influencer

Little Man has learnt so much about Marie Curie and her work, he cannot wait to show off his knowledge and keeps asking to play the app again and again

Midwife and Life

Parent Influencer

The gamification of the learning means they don’t even realise they’re studying when they’re playing

App User

Google Play Store user

Genius game [Einstein on Time.] My daughter can't stop talking about Einstein now.


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