Human Heroes Curie on Matter !

Chemistry by Miriam Margolyes!

Explore the wonders of chemistry with the iconic Marie Curie, voiced by the wonderful Mariam Margolyes!

Through a collection of exciting mini-games, interactive stories, and tons of other activities, kids will learn all about the wonders of the states of matter, radioactivity, particle physics, atoms, and the chemical refinement process.

When Curie isn’t busy changing the face of science, she’s answering questions from kids in the audience – with audio recorded by real children! She covers her fascinating but tough struggles as a young child right the way to chemical compounds, how X-ray machine’s work, and so much more: reinforcing what children learn from the mini-games, animation sequences, and activities.

Curie on Matter

Chemistry by Miriam Margolyes

Designed for children of any ability, kids will come face-to-face with an animated, Floss-dancing Marie Curie. The star of an entertaining theatrical production where your kids are in the crowd!

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