Educational Games With Albert Einstein

Learn physics, time, and counting with Stephen Fry as Einstein

In this revolutionary educational experience, children have the opportunity to be taught by the creator of the theory of relativity himself across multiple titles, voiced by Stephen Fry!

The most iconic figure in the history of science is brought back to life as an interactive 3D character. A dancing, quirky Albert Einstein will be your very own personal tutor; guiding you through the various games, helping you when you struggle, and telling you jokes. You can even ask him questions about his personal life and his scientific achievements!

In these educational apps, children will learn how to tell the time (a National Curriculum learning area), experience the passage of time and understand the nature of time itself and how it’s affected by speed and gravity. Kids will also learn momentum, rhythms, pendulums, counting seconds, relativity and so much more!

Human Heroes : Einstein on Time

Featuring Stephen Fry as Einstein

This app brings back to life the most iconic figure in the history of science : Albert Einstein!

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Einstein’s Clock

Time with Stephen Fry

Download Einstein on Time’s time-telling mini-game Einstein’s Clock for FREE today! In Einstein’s Clock, you’ll be moving hour and minute hands across 8 different levels and learn how to tell the time in different configurations: O'Clock, quarter and half, and past and to.

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Human Heroes Counting Fun

Learn to count in seconds

Get ready for even more time-tastic fun with our brand new FREE title all about counting with Einstein! Human Heroes Counting Fun is a standalone version of Einstein on Time’s counting mini-game where children have a magical time learning all about counting seconds as they fill up their screens up with colorful balloons across tons of levels. We’ve now added score streaks, new balloon designs and leaderboards for even more educational fun!

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